Muthu Sivagnanam ~ Former Sri Lankan National Coordinator, Education For All, Ministry of Education

7bd4d3fc8bff33e0635ca2d44deac223When I translated the instructional essays on mindful school, I experienced a hitherto unknown touch in my mind as a result of imbibing the gist of each passage to enable me to express the intended message in Tamil as effective as in the original. This task turned out to be a novel practice that tuned my mind and helped me get enlightened on critical issues that have been creating an unhappy environment in my family life because of my shortcomings. I had been a task master but impatient and boisterous, reacting violently even to the slightest provocation. The mental stress and agony caused by irreparable losses I had in the past due to no fault of mine have been at the depth of my mind surfacing on and off. Reading the essays on mindfulness slowly, mindfully and silently has brought me immeasurable relief and remedy to the calamities I faced.

I have now learnt to be a ‘tortoise’ playing ‘glad games’ in the mind when encountered by irritating or painful situations. I no longer annoy my family members and associates. I have learnt to be a ‘cat’ seated in a place calmly or walking slowly, mindfully and softly. I have now a tool known as mindful practice in my hand to manage restlessness and stress. I feel happy now.