Sati Pasala: Mindfulness for Ethnic & Religious Harmony

On the 2nd May at the International Vipassana Centre in Colombo, a representative gathering of dignitaries representing all major religions in Sri Lanka (Buddhist, Christian, Roman Catholic, Hindu and Islam) discussed the Sati Pasala initiative and the values of introducing mindfulness to schools and other sectors, in a non-sectarian & non-religious manner. The discussion was preceded by a video clip which outlined some preliminary introductions to mindfulness and the progress of Sati Pasala (please see link). Thereafter the Founder of Sati Pasala (Venerable Dhammajiva) conducted a guided, mindful sitting meditation. Further, Venerable Dhammajiva described the manner in which mindfulness had been of immense benefit to him for the past three decades, even before he joined the Monastic Order.
The deliberations were moderated by Deepal Sooriyarachchi and lasted for about an hour and half. The group unanimously agreed that mindfulness is a timely, relevant and valuable skill that will help young people as well as their elders, for living in harmony in today’s society.

  • The video – preliminary introduction to mindfulness and the progress of Sati Pasala


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