Sati Pasela progress @ Udumalale: nature’s best kept secret

Tucked away in Southern Sri Lanka’s Matara district is the sleepy town of Udumalale – notorious for the legendary burial ground of the famous Anadaré.
Sati Pasela commenced with just four students some weeks ago. Today there are ten students ages, 7-13. The feedback from these students show that mindfulness had helped to release academic & school-based stress, that they enjoyed mindfulness meditation and that their second love was being mindful (the first was cricket!).
Plans are underway to introduce an Organic Garden inclusive of Veges, Fruits and Herbs and Hard woods such as Jack, Ebony and Palms Coconut, Kitul and Areconut etc.
Initiating Mindfulness Camps is also on the cards.

Andare’s Cemetery

Sun Rise at Udamalale

Nature’s Best Kept Secret – Udamalale


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