Funding Sati Pasela activities

Sati Pasela supporters have expressed interest in funding Sati Pasela events and related activities. The Sati Pasela book new edition containing instructional essays for four weeks in all three languages will be printed


Presbyterian BMV Event

Presbyterian Balika Maha Vidyalaya Dehiwala invited the Sati Pasela team to visit the school and to introduce the program. On the 16th of May at a gathering where teachers and students were present, the Sati Pasela concept and program details were presented. The book containing instructional essays were distributed.   One month later (on the…

Sati Pasela DVD Logo

Sati Pasela DVD

The Sati Pasela DVD is now available and will be distributed amongst schools that request a copy. The DVD contains the following:

Sati Pasela News from New Zealand

From New Zealand  a valuable Sati Pasela supporter – Anula Premachandra sent us this email: ‘We got the  Sati Pasela book printed out and gave SL children in Dunedin on June 19th, Poson Poya day. It is a great advantage for us. Very few Children  live here in DN, about 15 children among the ages…